Welcome Jean Taddonio

Jean is a native San Diegan. She attended Catholic grammar and high schools and received her BSN at San Diego State University. Her proudest life-experiences comes from her mother and grandmother hood… She is also a great-grandmother.  Eighteen years as a now-retired hospice nurse, shape much of her thinking and writing as well as her personal losses including the death of her first baby, loss of her first husband through alcoholism and recovery from her own clinical depression.
She experiences and shares the joy of the Lord and His healing power through her poetry and short story writing. Her first published book: ‘The Tale of R-Qu’ (a rock falls of his mountain) is a picture book story of hope illustrated by an eleven year old.
Jean, through the urging of friends, is in the process of gathering her multitude of poems and short stories into a book to be published later this year, with the grace of God the Father, the friendship of Jesus and the help and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Jean is a member of ACTheals and lives with her husband Jim live in the Del Cerro community of San Diego.
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