The Community Alliance for Healthy Minds (CAHM) is dedicated to helping individuals and families lead happier, healthier lives through improved mental wellness. The 2018 CAHM Forum, co-hosted by the California State University Institute for Palliative Care at California State University San Marcos, is designed to provide education, support, resources, skill- building and stigma-reduction to the community.  We strive to integrate the mind, body and spirit to achieve balance and improve quality of life, especially for those who have mental illness, substance abuse issues, and chronic illnesses. We aspire to assist families and caregivers, in addition to those who have lost loved ones to suicide. 

 Info:  http://www.cahmsd.org/forum-2018




You’ve dealt with crisis in your community and ministries. You may have been called to console grieving parents, spouses, clients, and patients. How do you prepare to help in these situations? How can you be proactive and effective in times of loss and crisis? This seminar is for anyone interested in developing and increasing their skills in grief, crisis, and trauma counseling (pregnancy center staff, pastors, ministry leaders, counselors, teachers).


Life Perspectives “Side by Side 5-K”  Saturday, 10/27/18

Your participation helps us bring hope and healing to men and women impacted by miscarriage or abortion. We provide safe, anonymous tools to begin healing, as well as training to equip leaders to effectively provide support.

Info:  https://www.sidebyside5k.com/



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