curling up


Today’s Gospel reading struck me like lightening.

“For there is nothing hidden that

will not become visible, and nothing

secret that will not be known

and come to light.” 

Luke 8:17

It reminded me of a term frequently used in Alcoholics Anonymous: “You are only as sick as your secrets.”

Many women and men carry their abortion experience in the dark recesses of their soul. They do everything in their power to shroud the secret from others and the guilt, shame, and remorse associated with abortion from themselves. Sadly, the means used to avoid detection are more disastrous than exposure: self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse, eating disorders, promiscuity, being in abusive relationships, gambling, over-protectiveness of living children or the opposite, etc.

I visualize the tools (coping skills) used to conceal the secret as volcanic magma. As time passes, weaknesses in the earth’s crust can no longer hold back the magma, and a catastrophic eruption occurs. As one tool stops working, the world crumbles and ushers in hopelessness, fear, and depression resulting in the use of another, which starts the vicious cycle all over again.

The only way to stop the debilitating aftermath of abortion is to summon the courage to reach out for healing. Removing the shroud of secrecy will allow the light of love and forgiveness from our merciful God and Savior, thus replacing the guilt, shame, and remorse with peace and serenity.

Take it from one who knows….

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