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Phyllis Capossere is a facilitator for Rachel’s Hope and has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology. She kept her abortion secret for 25 years unaware of the impact it had on her life.  She reached out to God for help which led her to Rachel’s Hope where she was able to heal from the guilt and shame.  He provided her a calling … to be involved in Rachel’s Hope by facilitating retreats in San Diego, Escondido, and the Los Colinas Detention Facility.  In addition to her abortion trauma, she suffered from abandonment.  At the age of one her mother, who was suffering from mental illness, abandoned her and five siblings. Years later she found her mother on a street corner.  That God-given opportunity not only allowed Phyllis to reconnect, but also heal the relationship and hold her mother’s hand as she passed away.

Phyllis hopes to help others heal, see the grace in the midst of grief, pain, and loss and provide a ray of hope. We all have a story … Let’s help each other heal.



Alicia M. Lucio is a woman who found hope and forgiveness after attending a Rachel’s Hope retreat. She suffered for years after her abortions from self-loathing and not knowing her true worth. But through Gods love, and grace is now living a life knowing her true identity, “a loved and forgiven child of God.” Alicia received a Master of Science in Counseling/Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy and as an intern works with clients with an array of mental health disorders.  She has also facilitated after-abortion healing retreats in Imperial County and Escondido, CA.

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