The journey through loss is complicated – comparable to a labyrinth … a complex network of passages making it difficult to find one’s way.  There is numbness or an ambush of emotions.  Confusion wreaks havoc emotionally and spiritually.

Rachel’s Hope Healing Ministry helps navigate the path of grief.  We provide a safe place to open up, explore feelings and identify unhealthy behaviors … a place to experience God’s love and compassion … a place of healing and hope.

We currently conduct programs for pregnancy loss (abortion and miscarriage) at the Culture of Life Family Services.  Our goal is to reach out to those whose lives are directly impacted by shame, guilt, grief and loss; those who have lost hope that they can do something to reverse the downward spiral of depression, sadness, self-hatred, etc.

Other programs offered are:

  • Christian Women Do Get Angry (and it’s okay!)
  • Your Identity Through the Eyes of Christ

Our program models will utilize, in part, curriculum developed by Dr. H. Norman Wright.







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