After a pregnancy loss, a wide range of emotions are experienced:

Denial:  At first, it might be impossible to grasp what happened.  You might find yourself in shock or disbelief.

Guilt:  You might wonder if you could have done something to avoid the pregnancy loss.

Anger:  No matter what caused the loss, you might be angry at yourself, your spouse or partner, other family members or friends, your doctor, or a higher power.  You might also feel angry at the unfairness of your loss.

Depression:  You might develop symptoms of depression – such as loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities, changes in eating or sleeping habits, and trouble concentrating and making decisions.

Envy:  You might intensely envy expectant parents.  It might suddenly seem like babies and pregnant women are everywhere you look.

Yearning:  You might experience feelings of deep or anxious longing and desire to be with your baby.  You might also imagine what you would be doing with your baby now.

Healing Loss Through Faith, Hope and Love


The goal of Rachel’s Hope Healing Ministry is to reach out to women whose lives have been directly impacted by the trauma, shame, guilt and grief associated with pregnancy loss (miscarriage and abortion).

We offer small group settings, one-on-one support and assist in finding resources in the community for further healing.  Our faith-based programs are designed to compassionately provide tools to reverse the downward spiral of depression, sadness and self-hatred, build a support group and most importantly instill hope.

There will be activities allowing women the opportunity to address their pregnancy loss in a safe and confidential place, tell their story, explore emotions, and recognize unhealthy behaviors that prevent healing.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28




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