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The journey through loss is complicated – comparable to a labyrinth … a complex network of passages making it difficult to find one’s way.  There is a numbness or an ambush of emotions.  Confusion wreaks havoc emotionally and spiritually.

Rachel’s Hope Healing Ministry conducts programs for pregnancy loss:

  • God’s Healing Touch After Miscarriage
  • Healing from Abortion Through God’s Love

We help navigate the path of grief as well as a myriad of other emotions experienced due to loss, by providing a safe place to open up, explore feelings and identify unhealthy behaviors — a place to experience God’s love and compassion — a place of healing and hope.

In addition, we offer the following introspective, interactive and instructional workshops:

Understanding Anger and How God Sees It:  Do you find yourself angry at even the smallest of things?  Would you like to be better equipped to deal with a loved one or someone you know who is angry?  This workshop helps you  understand the sources and types of anger and provides practical and scriptural aids in dealing with them.

Your Identity Through the Eyes of Christ:  Do you find yourself identifying as everything except for the real you?  Is your inner critic working overtime?  It’s time to fall back and reevaluate who you are and your true worth.  You need to see yourself through the eyes of Christ.

Self-Care ~ Because God Cares:  Self-care sounds selfish and self-absorbed doesn’t it?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Self-care means spending time getting to know YOU and YOUR needs and making a commitment to give yourself what you need to be happy, healthy and productive.

Hope and Healing for Mothers with Addicted Children:  Because of preconceived notions, when our children become addicts it is natural to blame ourselves.  We find ourselves analyzing and reanalyzing every minute of their childhood to find out where WE went wrong, and doing so brings more questions than answers such as What can I do to help my child?  How do I stop the pain?  How do I stop the guilt? How did this happen?  This workshop will address those questions.


Our programs are presented at a variety of locations and our models utilize, in part, curriculum developed by Dr. H. Norman Wright.